Vacuum Lifters – The Ultimate Solution To Work-related Strains and Pains

Vacuum Lifters – The Ultimate Solution To Work-related Strains and Pains

Are you tired of occupational stress or strains in your workplace? Vacuum lifter are an excellent solution for occupational strains and pains as a result of repetitive bending, lifting, pushing, reaching or other similar effects associated with putting your body in awkward postures during the routine working activities.

Where the load is located between the lifting assembly’s Centre of Gravity, vacuum tube lifters are a good choice as a suspended-load handling aid. They can nonetheless be used for different jobs ranging from light-weight repetitive lifting to heavy-duty lifting such as:

  • Maneuvering  delicate glass
  • Heavy box handling
  • Wood panels
  • Slabs
  • Sacks
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Bales
  • Slabs
  • Airport baggage


 Use of vacuum lifters in the work place is associated with quite a number of advantages.

  • Ergonomic design – Their ergonomic design reduces the chances of workplace injury and thus rendering them safe.
  • Less Strain – By using the vacuum lifters, you experience less strain on the back when lifting heavy materials. Vacuum lifters allow the operator to move, lift and position large amounts of weight simply without any fatigue or stress.
  • Safety – Vacuum tube lifters are extremely safe even in cases of power failure. Their non-return valve prevents the loads from dropping in cases of eventualities including power surges.
  • Efficiency – The vacuum tube lifters are safer and faster. They can be handled by lesser manpower at lesser frequencies. The smooth operating and smooth mechanism of the vacuum lifter causes less damage to the cargo hence causing less number of deficient products. They are designed for speed, safety, precision and power conservation and hence an increase in swiftness and precision. This means that the same number of people can do more work, hence boosting the overall efficiency of your team.
  • Flexibility – Each unit has the capability of performing over seven related applications by use of the different power options and attachments. These units also vary widely in size and shape.

Choosing the correct sack vacuum lifters Australia companies today offer can bring a tremendous economic consequence for your workplace. Every load is held and lifted with the vacuum tube only and you will no longer need to use chain hoists, ropes lifting cylinders or manipulators. Where space is valuable, you can attach the units to a small crane system or a wall, making them easy and flexible to use. Check out Millsom

The grippers also differ for different jobs to fit the needs and preferences of the particular handler. By changing from two to one alternating grippers, operators can easily switch between mechanical suspension hooks and vacuum operated baggage grippers. Some operator handles available include;

  • Twist grip: For fast handling of loads
  • Operator handles operated right over the workplace: Best for rough surroundings and heavy loads.
  • One-hand operating handle: Used in fast operation of objects that must be moved frequently; mostly the light-weight objects
  • Pivot handles: Used in work pieces at great heights
  • One-finger controllers: Control the vertical movements of the lifting tubes. Also used to release transport materials from the suction pad thus allowing sliding, lifting, lowering and turning of good

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