Local SEO Best Practices for Your Small Business

Local SEO Best Practices for Your Small Business

With the ubiquity of a range of smartphone devices, local SEO has become more important than ever before. Businesses that want to build a competitive edge simply have to invest with professional local SEO companies in order to secure their place in the local search engine results pages. Local SEO may not be as complex as the conventional “global” SEO, but it still requires as much hard work and you have to apply the right strategy in order to succeed in zoning in the local market.

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When it comes to the local search engine optimization, there are plenty of best practices that you can adopt in order to ensure that you are maintaining a significant edge in your core local market. By doing these things right, you can prime your business to fully leverage the numerous local clicks and conversions that will be coming your way. Here are some of the important best practices that you can put in mind when you are planning to engage local SEO companies or trying to implement a robust local SEO strategy:-

Optimize Your Local Pages with the Local Target Keywords

This is a very important step when it comes to the implementation of local SEO strategies. It is very much needed to map out the key local search terms for your specific niche and then use these to expertly optimize your local pages for maximum ranking. Your website page title should include the brand names and the local keywords which you are trying to gain top rankings for. The same strategy should be deployed when it comes to the optimization of the meta-descriptions on your page.

You can contract professional local SEO companies in Raleigh in order to help you in achieving this optimization without creating text that sounds awkward. When it comes to the optimization, it is important the text that you publish sounds as natural possible both for the users and the search engines. Such engines are increasingly deploying more intelligent algorithms that can detect poorly worded texts and this can result in your listings being penalized and downgraded in the rankings.

Have a Google Places and Google Plus Local Listings

This is really a no-brainer when it comes to local SEO optimization. It is one of the first steps that you must undertake in order to give your business the top rankings in the Google Places and other local directories and listings. The Google places free listings will appear at the top of the SERPs for the optimized keywords and this gives your business very good exposure.

Have Citations and NAP Listings

The NAP or name, address and phone number of the business is very good for local SEO.  It is also important that you have these NAP citations from very authoritative directories and listings websites. Websites such as Yelp are very good for putting your NAP citations and also responding to users.

Markup your address with Place Schema

You can contact local SEO companies in Raleigh to assist you in marking up your addresses with the help of Schema.org in order to ensure that they are easily recognizable by the search engines. Through schemas, you will be able to add places and addresses in the most search-engine friendly format which is good for your rankings in the SERPs.

Collect Reviews

Reviews are part and parcel of local SEO. Raleigh SEO companies can assist you in collecting genuine and qualitative reviews without making your customers feel uncomfortable or under any obligation to leave you any reviews.

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