Little Car Upgrades You Never Thought You Needed

Little Car Upgrades You Never Thought You Needed

Most cars of 2017 have stylish stock parts that make each vehicle quite a sight for sore eyes. The curves and edges of the body paired with the sleek rear and front bumpers, it is undeniable that cars these days are already brag-worthy. But, it doesn’t mean that your own four-wheel drive cannot take a little trip to the best window tint Australia based shop. Nothing makes a ride better than by upgrading it with the top of the line parts.


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Sometimes you would think that the default parts installed are good enough. Did you know that some of those easily wore out? This is mostly why changing it with commercially sold ones is recommended. Among that is adding more details like putting on a new decal, mounting an accessory on the dash, or fitting the available Australia best window tint shade to your liking. Check out these little upgrades that your ride might be missing.

Latest Car Black Box

You might think that the dash cam you installed previously is enough for your car. Little do you know that you are missing out the latest tech that is heaps of help to many drivers these days – the car black box. It records the data captured by your dash cam and keeps it in a file storage. It’s not just that.

It gives you a good view of what’s behind you, records what’s happening in front, at the same time keeps a record of your speed, brake application, and other pertinent details. Any shade of the best window tint in Australia will not affect its view. If anything happens, you can use the data as proof in court or during insurance claims. A small device that gives you tons of benefit.

Darker Window Tint

The sun can bothersome sometimes when you’re driving off the highway in broad daylight. It hurts your eyes and can affect your vision when driving. Solve this with the best window tint Australia shade that is available in auto shops near you. One place to visit is Ultra Tint if you happen to be in Southport, Queensland.

Meanwhile, if you prefer a lighter shade, you can always opt for the lightest ones available. Tints also give you the privacy when inside the vehicle. Just keep mind the local rules regarding tints as to how light or dark are you allowed to modify.

Drum Brake Replacement

Unless you’re frequently driving uphill, your drum brake deserves a good replacement for a new disc brake. It has a better stopping efficiency that helps you slow down your car faster. The only downside with a disc brake is that it heats up when consistently stopping especially when driving on inclined roads.

Either you replace your drum brake into a disc brake or you install a new drum brake, changing your brake, in general, will always be a good idea. While searching for a shop to do the alter your fittings, find best window tint Australia service shops to get two jobs done at once. This way, you won’t have to leave your car multiple times in different service centres.

Small car upgrades can go a long way. Whether you add the best window tint Australia shade on your vehicle or install the latest black box, new things on your car will give you benefits that will improve your car performance and your driving experience in general. Visit

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