Health Benefits You Can Receive from Pole Dancing

Health Benefits You Can Receive from Pole Dancing

Pole dancing has been widely known as an activity done in the strip club, but little do people know that pole dancing is also a great athletic workout that results to various health benefits for a person’s mind and soul. Through dancing, acrobatics, and performing, you can achieve your health and fitness goals through pole dancing. If you are interested in taking pole dance classes, Hanger66 offers pole fitness classes Brisbane has in the market.

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Meanwhile, here are the health benefits you can receive when taking pole dance classes:

1.Weight Loss and Burning Calories
If you are looking for a sport that helps whip you up into shape, this is where Brisbane pole fitness classes can be of help. Pole dancing is a fun exercise to help you lose weight easily. With pole dancing, you will be doing a lot of cardiovascular and aerobics exercises which focuses on upper body strength. All your entire body does is constantly move, a five-minute routine is already a great cardio workout and in a 30-minute session, a lot of calories will be burned.

2. Muscle Building
One of the purposes of pole dancing which pole fitness classes in Brisbane offer is muscle building. Sessions usually start up with push-ups, jumping and sit-ups just to state a few examples. These kinds of muscle exercises help strengthen the legs, arms, shoulders, back, and abdomen that will help train you to lift your body on the pole. These kinds of muscle building exercises help strengthen the overall area of your body. For example, when taking abdominal exercises, there will be lots of upside down exercises or climbing exercises for arm and shoulder workout.

  1. Happiness and Confidence
    When you are feeling stressed or down in the dumps, the pole fitness classes Brisbane has can help out with your psychological and emotional well-being too. When feeling anxious, depressed or irritable, pole dancing produces endorphins that will make you feel happier throughout the session. Not only that but pole dancing makes you feel more confident and sexy inside and out, indeed a liberating feeling.4. Flexibility
    Since pole dancing requires a lot of stretching, it will greatly benefit one’s flexibility as well. Throughout your sessions, you will be learning ways to make your body create shapes through methods like back bending and aerial splits. Basic moves like spinning and bending also help in muscle bodybuilding which results to make your body flexible in the long run. With enhanced flexibility, it will help in the prevention of injuries and muscle health in the near future. The pole fitness classes brisbane has in the market definitely make sure their student’s flexibility improves after each session.


So these are the health benefits you can receive from pole dancing, both physically and mentally, you will definitely feel like a stronger and more confident person after a few sessions on the pole. Check out to read more about the best Brisbane pole fitness classes for men and women to try out in the future.

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