Habits You Need To Stop To Avoid Incurring Unexpected Printer Repairs

Habits You Need To Stop To Avoid Incurring Unexpected Printer Repairs

Copiers and printers are very vital in the world of business today. They come in different brands and company names depending on certain specifications. However, this does not matter much as how well you are able to maintain them. Most printing machines develop problems because of certain reckless mistakes of those operating them make incurring extra expenses on repairs. It should be noted that not everyone you come across is competent to offer repairs. To avoid frequent hp printer repairs, avoid the following.

Placing drinks and food on the photocopier

Printing is one of the tasks that people perform while doing something else with the same hands. Most people can’t set sometime apart to drink their coffee or eat their stew in the office. They prefer doing both and where possible with much convenience. The problem occurs when they have to place the drinks and food on the copier or near it. If the coffee or tea happens to spill over the papers you are printing, the printer would develop more problems. When stray kernels get lodged into the trays, they form butter stains on the papers and cause paper jam problem.

Shutting paper trays with kicks

Most people don’t find kicking the paper trays with their feet a big deal. Many printing machines have drawers a few inches above the ground. Instead of bending over and pushing them to close, they find it easier kicking them with their shoes. People with hurting backs or short skirts are the main victims of this habit. What they forget is that the drawer and tray plastic pieces are delicate, loose and weak to withstand forceful shutting. To get printing machines with broken trays and drawers back to their condition, you need to set aside some money for hp printer repairs. Gom

Working on the printer while wearing a diamond ring

One may refute this with the assumption that diamond is a hard mineral difficult to cut or break. When clearing paper jam or cleaning the inner parts of the printing machine, the ring on your finger can easily scratch the mirrors and platen glass in the printer. The ring could also form scratches when cleaning the inner mirrors and this would be evident on the printed copies. Replacing the poorly printed copies would mean buying more printing papers with no profit made. To avoid incurring constant costs of the hp printer repairs Sydney has today, it’s important to keep your ring in the pocket when working on the printing machine.

Forcing the ink or toner cartridges into the machine

The ink or toner should not find its way into the printer after you rotate it at the wrong angle. The toner should flow into the machine smoothly and without force. If the toner cartridge is correctly lined up, but still experiences problems going into the machine, then the toner cartridge you are using might not be the right one.

Committing these mistakes frequently exposes your printing machine to mechanical problems that are expensive to fix. They may look negligible, but the damage they cause reduces both the performance and shelf life of your printer. Repair cost may depend on the extent of damage and the time the technician would take to work on it.

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