Commercial Fridge? 4 Features To Look For

Commercial Fridge? 4 Features To Look For

As the owner of a food or hospitality business, a commercial refrigerator is the one important piece of equipment you need. Your café, restaurant, bar, or shop will need to keep food and drinks at the optimum temperature.

While the kind of commercial fridge you buy will depend on your business’ needs, there are some requirements that are universal when looking for the best commercial refrigerators for sale.

Here are some features that you definitely need to look up.

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  • The capacity

First off, the first thing you need to look at is the capacity.

Does the fridge meet the requirements and daily bulk of your kitchen or shop?

Choosing a commercial fridge for sale with the right capacity is crucial. You’ll need enough space in order to store and display the produce required for your most demanding service time. Having less and you will risk not being able to accommodate the demand of your customer. Meanwhile, having more means you have an inefficient fridge running at higher costs.

So, if you are a commercial kitchen that it turning over lots of meals then you will need several commercial fridges like a meat cooler for sale for supply storage purposes.

Meanwhile, smaller cafes or bars will need something small like the small countertop or commercial drinks fridges for sale, a food display fridge or coolers.

  • Data collection technology

Supermarket, convenience stores, and even bars and restaurants will need to display the food products at all times in order to generate customer traffic.

With the advancement of technology today, there are commercial fridges such as the commercial refrigerators for sale that feature data collection technology that tracks the performance of the unit in real-time.

This should help store managers to monitor inventory levels, purchasing trends and the optimal temperature easily. Furthermore, the metrics should provide managers to adjust the quantities of stock and preventing spoilage.

  • Good insulation and energy efficiency

Moving away from the looks, the next feature that you would want with a commercial fridge is its energy-efficient technology. This should bring you savings by lowering your electricity bills.

Commercial fridges, for instance, the ice making machines for sale, are constantly running. Thus, it can be worth investing in a fridge with energy-efficient features in order to bring down the running costs over the course of its lifetime.

Other than advanced energy-reducing technology, the fridge’s insulation also determines the unit’s energy-efficiency.

Your best option?

Polyurethane foam. This material has excellent insulation properties due to its low thermal conductivity and high compression strength. Thus, your drinks and food inside will stay colder for longer while only using less energy.

  • Automatic defrosting

It is also important that a commercial fridge features an automatic defrost system. The build-up of ice in the commercial fridge can result in poor efficiency and performance, limiting the lifespan of the unit.

In addition, automatic defrosting also helps in saving you a good amount of time from manually removing the ice. Being able to press a button for the defroster to kick it means that your staff will no longer have to remove stock to coolers to turn it off ad melt any build-up of ice.

This means that your staff will have more time and can invest more of their efforts in serving customers better.

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